PV Plumber

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Veröffentlicht am:03.04.2003
Dateigröße: Byte
Modell:All Pocketviewers
Art des Programms:OWBasic
Dateityp:*.twf or *.txt
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Beschreibung des Programms

This game is loosely based on 'Pipe Dream' which was included in the "Windows entertainment Package' supplied with spcial editions of MS Windows 3.1. The objective is to connect various pipe pieces to direct the flow of water before the time run out.

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wagpk schrieb am 2003-04-07:There is a glitch here which stops the score from going above 32000 points. I will release a new version shorly with some different style levels, which will have this fixed up, but in the meantime you can fix this problem yourself, by replacing the line 'score=0' with 'score#=0' in memo:"! PV Plumber"

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