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Two programs that use touchscreen data entry. The main startup menu in OWB5.x is activated with CALC. Then list the functions with CALCfunctions. Everything is touchscreen activated. The other program I have put in there is Mortgagecalc mg This is a touchscreen array which uses data from memo3 When you get the initial mortgagecalc screen only touch LOADUP Then enter mg into the pv entry box request and next. This loads the 5 saved memos mg data from memo 3. The grid is dynamic and all data is saved in memo3 for later use. This program is by no means complete, it crashes if you dont do the right thing but the large scale donkey work for pv enthusiasts has been completed. I am only uploading it because the development possibilities are limitless, I could never finish this CALC because it can be used for every useful program you ever write. The same thing applies to the mortgagecalc touchable array, you can use it for anything you like. Good luck guys.

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